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Divine Chi

Each of us is born and lives as part of a complete universe. However, when we forget this, we may find the life is hard, and feel empty as if we are living all alone.

Divine Chi is a mind, body, and energy approach to remembering your true radiance and come back to the complete Tao.


Everyone wants to be happy.

But sometimes we think it is not easy to find a way to achieve happiness.

We may blindly search for ways to be happy and be swayed by materials or social expectations.

​In order to focus on what is truly important, the first step is not to try "more and more".   But to let go unnecessary things and return to your true self.

Divine Chi is a journey to come back to your essential happiness.

Step 1. Body 体


The body is a vessel of mind and energy.

The first step to holistic wellbeing is relaxing your body.

Many people have chronic stiffness and pain in their shoulders, hips, back, etc., but this is not only due to how they use their bodies on a daily basis, but also because past tensions and traumas have accumulated, causing the body to become stiff and stiff.  Then body is like a cage which trapping the pains.

Yin yoga not only brings deep relaxation, but also improves flexibility around the fascia and joints, bringing back body's healthy alignment.

Step 2. Heart 心

Yin yoga is a great gateway to meditation practice. It provides deep access to your inner self and helps regulate your emotions and thoughts.

Introspective time in meditation increases self-awareness.

A life with meditation is like creating your own sacred shrine in your heart.

No matter what emotional waves you feel in your daily life, you can always return to that sacred place.

That is the greatest asset of all.

Step 3. Chi - 氣

When you reset your body and mind in harmony, your breathing will start to open.

More than just breathing as a gas exchange, it is a breath of "Qi'', the essence of life.

At that time, our energy changes.  We gain more awareness and inspiration.   And the answer to the essential question “Who am I?” starts to appear.


This state will open up new possibilities on a journey of self-discovery and allows your true inner light to shine.

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