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Divine Chi

Divine Chi Method is

Body - ​体

Mind - 心

Energy - 氣

When you reset your mind and body, your breathing starts to open.  That is when the answer to the essential question "Who am I?" appears and our true inner light shines.

About Divine Chi Method

Reset your body with deep relaxing yin yoga to bring back natural alignment and reduce chronic pain.

Meditation resets the mind and loosens the mental "knots" that have accumulated over the years.


"Divine Chi" 

is the radiant energy of each individual's life.

​We are all born and living as part of the complete universe "Tao".


Although we were born full of potential, we often forget that true potential and brilliance through the difficulties of our life. 

At such times, we find it difficult to fully live ourself, and we tend to feel lonely and empty, as if we were all alone.

Divine Chi uses Yin, meditation, breathing techniques, and energy work to help you regain that radiance and enjoy a healthy and beautiful way of life.



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